Success Stories

“I’m a proud poster child for Pastor Larry’s coaching program! Being on the registry for 9½ years, I saw more than enough reasons to give up on life! But this man saved my life! He helped me become the right kind of man and assured me that my mistakes didn’t have to overtake me, but mature me. I can’t imagine where I’d be if he hadn’t stepped in and been a friend and mentor when he did.”
Terrence – Dothan, AL


Dothan, AL
“Being behind bars, I had a lot of time to think. I wasn’t proud of what happened that brought me to prison, but I wanted another chance. I’ve seen too many people give up on life because of bad mistakes. And I just needed a little boost to keep me from succumbing to the surrounding negativity. Pastor Anderson did that for me! He’s a great mentor! And he really believes in 2nd chances! I’m grateful.”


Memphis, TN
“We tried other programs to help my baby brother regain focus. Spent money and time. It was all a waste. At our wit’s end, we decided P.O.W.E.R. Coaching would be the last straw. I’m relieved to say that it has been NOTHING BUT a positive change for my brother. The opportunity to receive another chance should never be taken for granted! I’m so glad that Mr. Anderson allowed my brother to experience his!”


Duluth, GA
“I thank God Almighty for allowing Pastor Larry to come our way! When my son completed his prison sentence, he was really not himself. Very disinterested in starting over because he was angry. But we heard about P.O.W.E.R. by accident, yet it was on time and on purpose! He helped my son believe again and now, new doors are opening for him. And it’s all because Pastor Larry helped him see the bright side!”


Charlotte, NC
“To say that Pastor Larry Anderson has been a blessing to me would be an understatement. My husband was able to regain his place in society as a man, a man who’s still valuable. Yes, he now knows that not everybody is your friend. But had it not been for Pastor Larry helping him see what’s important, I may have lost him! This program and all that it offers has and will save many lives!”


Eastport, MD
I’m writing this testimonial for Pastor L. Anderson because he has been one of the most important “forces” in the transformation of my life from being asleep to being awake. Pastor Anderson came into my life at the time when I thought the world was against me because of my criminal history. He was so full of energy, life, and commitment to the work he was doing; I couldn’t help but be caught up in his passion.
Jack – California