About Me

P astor Larry Anderson is a passionate leader. He is the author of the books, EVIL ON MY PEW: The Hysteria Around Sex Offenders In The Church and WHORE MOANS: Overcoming The Residual Effects of Misplaced Sexuality. Larry Anderson gave his life to Christ at the young age of eleven and began his journey with Christ at Macedonia Baptist Church located in Chattanooga, Tn. Dedicating his ministry to leading others to Christ and serving them with love, compassion, and respect, he founded the P.O.W.E.R Coaching Academy. This one-of-a-kind life coaching program offers a 12-week self-assessment and empowerment course for people whose lives are altered by felonies and life interruptions and discontinuities. Like most successful endeavors, this one was born out of personal experience. Accused of statutory rape in 2007, Anderson vehemently and tirelessly fought the charge for four long years to no avail. Finally, after four years of legal wrangling and after spending more than $20,000 on his defense, he reluctantly agreed to a plea deal. His motivation for doing so was to ensure that he could avoid an erroneous prison term and remain in his home, continue ministry, and provide for his family. Although, this plea brought an end to his legal battle, it also added to his inner personal frustration. That anger and frustration led him to share his harrowing story via social media. To his surprise, he found he was not alone. He received over 150 messages from other men and women dealing with similar situations. Realizing the need these individuals had for an advocate, he shifted his focus to helping those who were hurting as a result of inclusion on the sex offender registry. His advocacy efforts also reached out to their support system – the family and other loved ones who stand beside them. This led to him becoming not only an activist, but the founder of Knowing The Registry. Knowing The Registry is a two-part initiative that educates and deploys church leaders and their congregations in building healthy relationships with sex offenders. It focuses on helping them reclaim their lives, rebuild their self-esteem, and reenter society in healthy, productive ways. From there, Pastor Anderson went on the become a certified life coach. Unlike other life coaches who guide and direct life and career choices, he focused his coaching skills on coming to the aid of registered sex offenders and their spouses. With that goal in mind, he founded the P.O.W.E.R Coaching Academy making him America's first and most sought after life coach for registered sex offenders and their spouses and families. Pastor Anderson is devoted to living by example and encouraging men and women to live up to their full potential in life in spite of their past challenges. He leads, educates, counsels and advises with sincerity, candor, wisdom, and experience. Pastor Larry Anderson is a passionate leader, staunch advocate, and tireless activist who believes in a second chance. He lives quietly and successfully in Chattanooga, TN. You can find more information about him, his work, his books, and the P.O.W.E.R. Academy at larryandersononline.com