Benefits of life coaching

Clarity and

Knоwіng what уоu wаnt саn bе hаlf thе battle іn lіfе. Create goals and achieve them.


Time to
focus on you

Find the time to cаrvе ѕрасе іn your lіfе for your gоаlѕ аnd whаt іѕ іmроrtаnt to уоu.



Look within honestly аnd then challenge уоurѕеlf beyond уоur соmfоrt zones.



Be more ѕеlf-еffісіеnt offer more to others and create a muсh bеttеr оutlооk оn lіfе.


Meet Larry

Pastor Larry Anderson is a passionate leader, staunch advocate, and tireless activist who believes in a second chance. An author of several books, he is also a certified life coach and purpose development trainer.

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lives changed

Larry's coaching is a nontraditional, empowering holistic program designed to help men and women develop the skills and behaviors they need to reclaim and rebuild their lives.

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See what people are saying

  • Marcus
    Upon my release, a fresh start wasn’t realistic. Constant reminders of my past wouldn’t let me work towards a better future. I considered giving up….on life and on God! I grew up in church and made a mistake, but it seemed like the church had forgotten about me. That’s when someone told me about a guy she’d met years prior. I looked him up and I’m SO glad I did. Pastor Anderson cares about us. GENUINELY!
    South Carolina
  • Belinda
    We tried other programs to help my baby brother regain focus. Spent money and time. It was all a waste. At our wits end, we decided that this coaching would be the last straw. I’m relieved to say that it has been NOTHING BUT a positive change for my brother. The opportunity to receive another chance should never be taken for granted! I’m so glad that Mr. Anderson allowed my brother to experience his!
  • Jack
    I'm writing this testimonial for Pastor L. Anderson because he has been one of most important "forces" in the transformation of my life from being asleep to being awake. Pastor Anderson came into my life at the time when I thought the world was against me because of my mistake. He was so full of energy, life and commitment for the work he was doing; I couldn't help but be caught up in his passion.
  • Riccardo
    Pastor Anderson is easily the most uplifting person I know. It truly is a gift of his, and I'm definitely one of his beneficiaries. I know that this coaching relationship is the key ingredient I've been missing for years, and I can see how my success "momentum" will continue gaining steam as we keep examining and evaluating what's working & what's not to get me on my feet again. Thank you Pastor!
    New Jersey
  • Anthony
    I was a man who was fighting against the status quo of the prison environment yet, I have been open to being coached in order to become more functional and whole man. As a result of this I am experiencing healthier relationships with love ones, with other former inmates and most importantly with myself. This is a concept that I’m glad I took part in. If you were like me, Pastor Anderson is just the right person to help you along the way.
  • Chris
    When I tell people about my vision to be a better person, it is no longer described as a vision but a life plan! When I tell people now about my desire to live the life that I have come to know, through Pastor Anderson’s life coaching, people can see it! I’ve become much better person in my way of thinking and it has had a better impact on those around me because of the coaching I received.
  • John
    I can say this with confidence because I am an example of how Pastor Anderson’s Life Coaching has truly helped me change! I was incarcerated at a seemingly young age, age, nineteen, and spent 2 years and 3months prison. During this time, I participated in many programs and none of them had been as effective as his Coaching Academy to aid my family. Now I moved on from my unfortunate circumstances.
  • Melinda
    My husband made a bad choice and was constantly reminded about it, in the sense that that those who were “helping” did nothing to empower him to be successful out in society but more so had been about recognizing the wrongs that he had done, and due to that focus it set barriers on his life’s possibilities. Pastor Anderson walked us through our difficult times and helped us understand how we needed each other’s support more than ever.
    New Hampshire
  • Kevin
    This is what I was looking for, someone to understand and guide me. It was at this moment that I begin to retrain the way that I thought about myself and others. He showed me that there were possibilities and that I had the option to explore them in a manner that was going to help me overcome the past and more forward in a positive light in the future. That was my chance at redemption and I thank Pastor Anderson for helping make it possible.
    New York
  • Casper
    It was only by good fortune being a first-time inmate that I was directed to Pastor Larry Anderson’s P.O.W.E.R Coaching Academy after I served my time. I was completely unprepared for my jail time and surprised by the structured jail life. Everyone can change and I appreciate how Pastor Anderson guided me and my family along in my times of need. He became more than a “life coach, he became a friend. Thank you Pastor.